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Presenters must register until 5 March 2013.


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Council of Chairs

Kenneth R. Seddon, Queen’s University of Belfast (UK): COIL-1, 2005
Hiro Ohno, Tokyo University of A&T(Japan): COIL-2, 2007
Hiro-o Hamaguchi, University of Tokyo (Japan): COIL-2, 2007
Douglas MacFarlane, Monash University (Australia): COIL-3, 2009
Robin D. Rogers, The University of Alabama (USA): COIL-4, 2011
Luis Paulo N. Rebelo, Instituto de Tecnologia Química Biológica (Portugal): COIL-5, 2013
José N. Canongia Lopes, Technical University of Lisbon (Portugal): COIL-5, 2013
Yoon-Mo Koo, INHA University (Korea): COIL-6, 2015
Howard Alper, University of Ottawa (Canada): COIL-7, 2017
Suojiang Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China): COIL-8, 2019

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